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20 — Support Sheet

Summer 2024

‘Support Sheet’ is a collaborative project between artists Marc Nagtzaam and Stephan Keppel. Photographs of their site-specific exhibition en route! OULIPO en route! are followed by a series of collage-like scans by Nagtzaam and Keppel, in which they combine each other’s drawings and photographs collected for this project. The presentation is open by appointment: contact.

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19 — Valiz, 20+ Years of Books

31 May — 30 June 2024

We warmly invite you to the exhibition of Valiz: 20+ Years of Books, taking place throughout the whole month of June. In the exhibition you will be able to see all books published by Valiz in the last twenty+ years. We will start this celebration at the festive opening on Friday, 31 May, from 5pm onwards. There will be drinks, snacks and books! After the opening, Enter Enter will open its doors as a reading room, kiosk and exhibition space for Valiz publications. You will find all titles (including the ones that are rare or out of print) published from 2003 until today.
Throughout the month, we will host a series of events:
— Thursday 6 June, 5pm: A Series on Series. Lecture/Workshop Lotte Lara Schröder about the PLURAL-series
— Thursday 13 June, 5pm: A Series on Series. Lecture/Workshop Hilde & Janna Meeus about Stadsessays
— Saturday 15 June, 5pm: Night of the Refugee. Conversation between Mieke Bal and Adnan Mahmutovic + fundraising for Stichting Vluchteling with a film by Mieke Bal (Refugeedom).
— Thursday 20 June, 5pm: A Series on Series. Interview/Workshop Sam de Groot about the vis-à-vis-series
— Thursday 27 June, 5pm: A Series on Series. Interview Laura Pappa en Line Arngaard

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18 — Entrée / A Sunday Afternoon

4 February 2024

Our annual Sunday Afternoon with Sample, Print and Poster Sales & Drinks. Music by Interlude.

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17 — byob fair

15 September — 15 October 2023

‘bring your own book’ is a collective which started as a student initiative at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2021. From 15 September until 15 October, ‘byob’ will takeover Enter Enter and exhibit and sell the self-published works of over 500 artists, bookmakers, designers, publishers and writers from all over the world. Celebrating self-publishing and diy-printed matter in a weekly changing display. During the exhibition byob will host a public program with launches, workshop, readings, talks and performances by Sanne Kabalt, Peter Pflügler, Soap Box, House publishing, Jesse Presse, Soyeon Kim, Anna Bulgarelli, Interlude and many more! Check www.byobfair.xyz for the full programme.
byob is run by Susu Lee, Augustinas Milkus, Jordi de Vetten, Nelli Molfenter and Sophia Xu.

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16 — Zines by Ari Marcopoulos

4 June — 8 July 2023

Ari Marcopoulos is an inveterate maker of zines. These informal, DIY creations function as sketchbook, installation space, and as Marcopoulos’s means of processing photographs of his life and family, neighborhood, and uniquely expansive community of artists and friends. Besides the new book Ari Marcopoulos – Zines  Enter Enter will exhibited 32 previously unpublished zines by Marcopoulos, made between 2020–2021, as well as a hands-on reading room with a selection of previous publications by Marcopoulos, including all the Roma Publications made in close collaboration with editor/designer Roger Willems.

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15 — This is not my Goodbye, Erik van der Weijde

21 May 2023

Sunday 21 May our own Erik will wave NL goodbye. He is returning to Brazil. We will host an event which is a party, a garage-sale/installation of Erik memorabilia, and cookie-fest. All friends are welcome, 3-6pm, at Enter Enter.

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14 — Faire Faire, an exhibition about/from/by Revue Faire

15 April — 14 May 2023

Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer have worked together as Syndicat since 2012. Their cross-disciplinary practice, taking in self-initiated projects as well as design-based commissions, addresses issues of originality, reproduction, and reproducibility in the context of art today, using their expansive knowledge of printing and manufacturing techniques whether designing books, creating visual identities, or curating exhibitions. Syndicat has actively collaborated with contemporary artists and art centers to create one-of-a-kind visual identity programs, publications, monographs, and artists’ books, leading in 2016 to the creation of ‘Empire’, their own publishing imprint.
An important part of ‘Empire’ is ‘Revue Faire’, a bimonthly graphic design magazine, which is not purely focusing on graphic design. The magazine’s content creators are design theoreticians, educators, and authors, among other roles. It seems more like conducting exhibition performances on various subjects via design commentary and other prose. ‘Revue Faire’ is about doing.

For Enter Enter they will show an overview of the 45 issues so far, alongside work related to ‘Revue Faire’, under the title ‘Faire Faire’.

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13 — Entrée / A Sunday Afternoon

5 February 2023

Our annual  Sunday Afternoon with Sample Sales & Exhibit of Book Collaborations 2022 & Drinks

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12 — DEAR HARRY: 50 Artists 50 Letters

21 December 2022 – 21 January 2023

“Harry” is Harry Ruhé, – protagonist, provocateur – organiser of renowned Fluxus festivals and happenings, in the 80s and 90s. Founder of Gallery A in 1976, Ruhé maintained an intense correspondence with a galaxy of artists, as yet little known, but later to achieve fame and notoriety as the ground-breaking practitioners of their time. The roll call is long, Günter Brus, Lawrence Weiner, Al Hansen, Ben Vautier, Yoko Ono, Paul Sharits, … Ruhé has a distinguished career as writer and publisher. The exhibition “Dear Harry” presents a wall display of full-size facsimiles of the letters (list below), with previously unpublished stories written in Harry’s inimitable style. The book, an archive box (ring mechanism with polyester album pages) published in an edition of 25 numbered copies, will be available for viewing and purchase. Enter will present a table display of Harry Ruhé’s publications since 1976, including current and out-of-print titles: 25 Fluxus Stories, The Adventures of Willem de Ridder, Punk in Holland, …

Letters by: Eric Andersen · Karel Appel · Bernard Aubertin · Luciano Bartolini · Robert Bozzi · Günter Brus · Daniel Buren · Ulises Carrión · Giuseppe Chiari · Tony Conrad · Francesco Conz · Peter Downsbrough · Henry Flynt · Isa Genzken · Richard Hamilton · Al Hansen · Piero Heliczer · Dick Higgins · Armin Hundertmark · Dorothy Iannone · Julius · Per Kirkeby · Bengt af Klintberg · Milan Knížák · Alison Knowles · Yayoi Kusama · Jean-Jacques Lebel · Boris Lurie · Maurizio Nannucci · Ladislav Novák · Ben Patterson · Pierre Restany · Gerhard Richter · Willem de Ridder · James Riddle · Guy Rombouts · Takako Saito · Claude Sandoz · Tomas Schmit · Paul Sharits · Mieko Shiomi · Daniel Spoerri · Petr Stembera · Endre Tót · Hans Uhlmann · Ben Vautier · Wolf Vostell · herman de vries · Jos Vulto · Lawrence Weiner

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11 — What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843-1999 A Hands-on Reading Room Exhibition

10 September until 23 October 2022

With the first photographically illustrated book self-published by British botanist Anna Atkins in 1843, women have consistently contributed to the rich history of photobooks. However, their contributions have not always been recognized. The What They Saw Reading Room showcases this history and shares both historically significant and under-appreciated photobooks by women. Presenting a diverse geographic and ethnic selection, the photobooks included interpret the concept of the photographically illustrated book in the broadest sense possible: classic bound books, portfolios, personal albums, unpublished books, zines and scrapbooks. Some of the books documented are well-known publications such as Anna Atkins’ Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843–53), Germaine Krull’s Métal (1928) and Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph (1972), while other books may be relatively unknown, such as Varvara Stepanova’s Groznyi smekh. Okna Rosta (1932), Eslanda Cardozo Goode Robeson’s African Journey (1945), and Ruiko Yoshida’s Harlem: Black Angels (1974). The glaring gaps and omissions in current photobook history are apparent through this overview, particularly the lack of access, support, and funding for photobooks by non-Western women and women of color. The award-winning What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843-1999 publication, edited by Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich, and designed by Ayumi Higuchi, accompanies the exhibition and is available for purchase at Enter Enter.

Public Talks

Friday, 16 September at 5:30 pm / Rijksmuseum Library
Unseen VIP event. Advance registration required through the Unseen VIP portal.
Mattie Boom, curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum and Alex Alsemgeest, librarian at the Rijksmuseum Library will discuss photobooks by women in the museum library’s collection.
Saturday, 17 September at 3 pm / Enter Enter
What They Saw co-editor Russet Lederman and designer Ayumi Higuchi will discuss the project’s development from a design perspective.

About 10×10 Photobooks
10×10 Photobooks is a community-oriented organization that champions risk-taking creativity through a focus on marginalized, emerging and established photographers and photobook histories. Founded in 2012, 10×10 is a leader in the photobook field, supporting diversity and exchange through public photobook events, including reading rooms, salons, publications, grants and partnerships with arts organizations. 10x10photobooks.org

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10 — Fabrikbooks: The Artists as Publishers + The Danish Reading Room

17 June — 17 July 2022

In 2015 the distinguished Danish artists Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt created the independent publishing house Fabrikbooks to enhance their artistic work within the book format.  Both have used the book format as an essential part of their oeuvre, not only as a way of presenting their art, but also also as a conceptual framework and a way of broadening the scope of their artistic work. Unusually, by founding their own independent publishing house, the artists have taken self-control of the whole process of creating their books – from conceptualization to production and distribution.

Both use photography as their medium; Søndergaard to probe existential themes such as time and timelessness, stasis and flux. Whilst Howalt often challenges the boundaries of photography by reinventing traditional techniques to ask philosophical questions and unveil meaning and beauty in concrete phenomena.

The exhibition will present two large-scale visual installations. One based on the book Old Tjikko by Howalt, in which a single photograph of a 9.500-year-old spruce is reproduced 97 times using a variety of antique photographic papers. For Trine Søndergaard’s artwork Borgherre, an ancient variety of Danish apple is depicted in the slow process of decay. For this series Søndergaard picked the apples and photographed them over a period of a year, always at the same time of day, exploring the transformations enacted by time itself.

Central to the exhibition is the presentation, for the first time in an international context, of the complete collection of books published by Fabrikbooks, including limited special editions and out-of-print titles. These are displayed under vitrines with descriptive texts. Copies of in-print titles will be available in the adjoining reading room

Included in the show are two films made for Denmark’s Louisiana Channel in which the artists reflect on aspects of their work. Søndergaard’s Exploring Emptiness from Within and Howalt’s What We Become.

In ‘The Danish Reading Room’ the theme will be extended to approximately fifty recently published art and design titles produced by Danish independent presses, many of which have never received international distribution. These books will be available for perusal in a comfortable setting. Reference will be made to relevant Danish graphic designers, and to the iconic Narayana Press who printed the majority of the books. A list of independent Danish and local booksellers will be provided for eventual purchases.

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09 — Jochen Lempert, Paare / Pairs

13 May — 4 June 2022

Since the 1990s, Jochen Lempert has been working with the medium of photography, whose premises he subtly explores and expands. In his black-and-white prints, which he presents unframed in space, multi-layered relationships emerge in a direct dialogue between culture and surprising phenomena from flora and fauna. The exhibition at ENTER ENTER shows the original baryta work prints that Lempert made for his new book Paare / Pairs (ROMA 423). For this book, Lempert composed a sequence using pairs to create a new look at the world that surrounds us. Alongside the prints and the new book, a complete collection of Lempert’s previous artists books is available to browse through in the reading room.

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08 — On The Self-Reflexive Page

11 December 2021 — 20 February 2022

Edited by Louis Lüthi, On The Self-Reflexive Page is an attempt to compile a typology of nonverbal elements — or transitional spaces between image and scripture — in novels, short stories, and essays. The exhibition is arranged in 6 chapters: Black Pages, Blank Pages, Drawing Pages, Photography Pages, Text Pages, and Document Pages. Each chapter displays a selection of books which are available for perusal.
Coinciding with this exhibition, the book On The Self-Reflexive Page II has been published by Roma Publications. A previous version was published in 2010. For this new edition, Lüthi has significantly expanded and revised the original material.

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07 — Bertien van Manen, Archive 1970-2021

29 October — 28 November 2021

Since the 1970s, Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen has created intimate and poignant photographs of commonplace scenes, produced during extended trips to Europe, America, China and the former Soviet Union. Van Manen has established herself as a unique voice in documentary photography, her visual language imbued with empathy and respect for the everyday lives of her subjects. The exhibition at ENTER ENTER will include all of her books, alongside unique material from her archive, brought together by Hans Gremmen. This exhibition is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts). Besides the new book ‘Archive Bertien van Manen’, there will be copies for sale of ‘I Will Be Wolf’ (2017), ‘Beyond Maps and Atlases’ (2016), and ‘East Wind West Wind’ (2001).

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06 — Japan Works and Other Books by Aglaia Konrad

September 11 — 10 October 2021

Presentation of book projects by visual artist Aglaia Konrad, including Elasticity (NAi 2002), Iconocity (König 2005) Desert Cities (JRP Ringier 2008), Carrara (Roma 2011), From A to K (König 2016) and Japan Works (Roma 2021). The exhibition includes a new large wall piece developed after making the book Japan Works, which derived from a study trip by the artist across central Japan in September 2019. The work of Aglaia Konrad is driven by her interest in urbanity and architecture in general, and cultural difference in particular. The exhibition runs from September 11 to October 10, and is curated by Roger Willems.

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05 — Stephan Keppel, Soft Copy Hard Copy

11 January — 11 April 2021

In 2018 Stephan Keppel started collecting works and stories of Amsterdam; the city where he lives, and works. The city is constantly changing, and so are the visible, invisible, social and historic structures. In ‘Soft Copy Hard Copy’ Stephan Keppel explores and organizes these structures, creating an organic index of the city. This book is part of Keppel’s ongoing research on the public space, urban structures and reproduction, and is combining his own photographs with re-photographed archival material, texts and other (online and offline) found footage.

For Enter Enter Stephan will expand his book into the project-space, creating installations based on the pages of the book, investigating the relation between the book and the space as a form of representation, and re-creation.

For his exhibition at Enter Enter Stephan Keppel made a limited edition of ‘Soft Copy Hard Copy’. Each edition includes a unique print which Stephan creates by overprinting a page of the original book with another page from the book. These 120 unique prints will be distributed over 120 books for this edition. Editions are wrapped, stamped, signed and numbered and randomly distributed. The edition is only available during the exhibition. The book is designed with Hans Gremmen and published by Fw:Books.

More info about the Book, Edition, Stephan Keppel

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04 — Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, ROOM C

3 September — 3 October 2020

With the global cancellation of Art Book Fairs, publishers are missing an important opportunity to show their new titles. Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair is for most publishers one of the highlights in their year; celebrating new books, meeting colleagues, bookshops, and booklovers in general.
Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, ROOM C is the re-creation of one of the rooms in Printed Matter’s annual NY Art Book Fair, which was supposed to happen this September, where you can browse and buy new publications by Roma Publications, Spector Books, Fw:Books, Art Paper Editions, Kodoji Press, Valiz, MACK, The Eriskay Connection, Onomatopee, Lugemik, Idea Books and Perimeter Editions. Open every Thur-Sat, from 12-5pm.

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03 — Read Books, Buy Books, Buy Local

Spring/Summer 2020

Due to Covid-19 Enter Enter is postponing all events. In the mean time: Read Books, Buy Books, Buy Local! Do not support big money, support instead passion and knowledge of art and books. Shops are slowly reopening and/or moved their activities online. Please consider supporting them. This free poster is provided by Enter Enter and Ideabooks, design by Hans Gremmen.

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02 — TEST PRESS, 20 Years of Student Publications 1999-2019

25 January — 29 February 2020

TEST PRESS is a display of student publications from the archive of designer, collector and teacher Henk Groenendijk. These publications have been produced by students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL) over a period of 20 years.
The publications in the archive have been collected as a byproduct to many years of teaching and balance on the fine line between the classroom and the world beyond education. They highlight a transition from what in the late 90s was referred to as ‘Dutch Design’, becoming more international and open, removed from an imposed national style. The archive is made up of more than 400 publications (often unique or produced in small print runs) and has a large variety of methods, aesthetics and topics ranging through language, typography, and contemporary visual culture to name a few.
For TEST PRESS, Henk Groenendijk is opening up this archive and putting it on full view. Within it are curated selections by a number of guests: Riet Wijnen (artist/curator, Amsterdam), Lies Ros (member of design studio Wild Plakken, Amsterdam), Åbäke (design collective, London/Paris), Kate Banar and Orin Bristow (graphic design graduates from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2019; Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2018). Each selection offers its own, subjective view on the archive and in its own way proposes a different possibility of describing a canon. For the exhibition, a series of conversations filmed by Janna Meeus gives additional insight and reflection on the individual selections of the invitees. The catalogue collects transcripts of conversations with the guests and curators, as well as reproductions of the selected publications. The exhibition is edited and designed by curated and designed by Henk Groenendijk, Elisabeth Klement and Matthias Kreutzer.

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01 — Karel Martens, Re-Printed Matter, 60 Years of Books

26 October— 20 December 2019

The work of Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the present European art and design landscape. His work is both personal and experimental. At the same time, it is publicly answerable. Over the decades of his practice, Martens has been prolific as a designer of books. He has also made contributions in a wide range of design commissions: including stamps, coins, signs on buildings. Intimately connected with this design work has been his practice as an artist. This started with geometric and kinetic constructions, and developed in work with the very material of paper. Over a long period he has been making monoprints. This exhibition brings together for the first time all books which Karel Martens designed in his career. The exhibition is edited and designed by Roger Willems and Hans Gremmen.

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00 — Mark Nagtzaam ‘Regular Features’ and Mark Manders ‘Notional Newspapers’

29 June — 1 August 2019

Opening of our exhibition and studio space with a combined launch of two books by two of the founders of Roma Publications: Marc Nagtzaam and Mark Manders.

‘Regular Features’ by Marc Nagtzaam is an rtist book with text drawings by Marc Nagtzaam, made between 1992 and 2019. Complementary to the writings, 24 artists contributions on are inserted throughout the book. With contributions by Mark Manders, Louis Lüthi, Sue Tompkins, Stephan Keppel, Steve Van den Bosch, Nickel van Duijvenboden, Sophie Nys, Pierre Leguillon, Batia Suter, Experimental Jetset, Na Kim, Tim Hollander, Lily van der Stokker, Karin Herwegh, Karel Martens, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Kasper Andreasen, Jochen Lempert, gerlach en koop, Henri Jacobs, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Marijn van Kreij, and Willem Oorebeek. As a continuation of the first Roma publication, (SOME), dating from 1998, this book marks the 20+ years anniversary of Roma Publications.

Mark Manders on ‘Notional Newspapers’: “I cannot use real newspapers, because my work would then be linked to a certain date and place in the world. All of my works appear as if they have just been made and were left behind by the person who made them. There is no difference between a work made twenty-four years ago or just a single day ago. Like the words in an encyclopedia, they are linked together in one big super-moment that is always attached to the here and now. The newspapers in this edition consist of all the existing words in the English language. Each word is used only once. The photos are taken in my studio and are mostly of studio dust. I try to avoid including language in the pictures. The newspapers I make are the opposite of On Kawara’s date paintings or Kurt Schwitters’ collages.”

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