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15 — This is not my Goodbye, Erik van der Weijde

14 — Faire Faire, an exhibition about/from/by Revue Faire

Book list

— Recollected Work Mevis & Van Deursen, Paul Elliman, Artimo Foundation Breda, 2005 / Design: Devis & Van Deursen
— Parallel Encyclopedia #2, Batia Suter, Roma , 2016 / Design: Roger Willems
— Parallel Encyclopedia, Batia Suter, Roma, 2007 / Design: Roger Willems
— Catalog 2015, Maximage, Edition Patrick Frey, 2015 / Design: Maximage
— Le Petit Bossu, Roberto Arlt, Éditions Cent Pages, 2012 / Design: SpMillot
— Le piano, la naine et les chiens errants, Maurice Raphaël, Éditions Cent Pages, 2005 / Design: SpMillot
— Title of the Show, Julia Born, Jogis Verlag, 2009 / Design: Julia Born & Laurenz Brunner
— VOL. 13, Klaus Scherübel, Fonderie Darling, 2012
— THEREHERETHENTHERE, Simon Starling, Mac Val, Parc Saint-Léger, 2010 / Design: Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bien
— SAVE, Ines Cox, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 2019 / Design: Ines Cox
— Rapport d’activité du Mucem, 2017 / Design: Spassky Fischer
— Les affiches du Théâtre de Lorient, M/M (Paris), CDDB-Théâtre de Lorient, 2015 / Design: M/M (Paris)
— Dear Lulu, «Farben on Demand», James Goggin et les étudiants de l’université de Darmstadt, 2008
— Dear Blurb, «Farben on Demand» James Goggin et les étudiants de l’université de Darmstadt, 2008
— The Art of Design-Vol.II, LL Brown, Lineto, 2010 / Design: Gregor Huber & Ivan Sterzinger with Cornel Windlin
— Replica, Norm, Lineto, 2009 / Design : Norm
— The Serving Library Annual 2020/21, Edited by Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, and David Reinfurt. Roma, The Serving Library, 019 Ghent, 2020
— Extended Caption (DDDG), Roma, 2009
— Schauspielhaus Zurich, Program 2009-2010, Cornel Windlin
— Schauspielhaus Zurich, Program 2010-2011, Cornel Windlin

Revue Faire issues

n° 01 — A collection: Rouge-gorge, Éditions Cent pages by SpMillot. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 02 — A technical platform: Colorlibrary.ch by Maximage. Author: Manon Bruet
n° 03 — A monograph: Recollected Work by Mevis & van Deursen. Author: Étienne Hervy
n° 04 — A communication: invitation cards by the artist Stanley Brouwn. Author: Céline Chazalviel
n° 05 — An Instagram post: P/Pa/Para/Paradiso by jetset_experimental (July 1 2017). Author: Manon Bruet
n° 06 — A series of gestures: Invisible Touch, from Farocki to l’Architecture Aujourd’hui, some notes on the handling of things. Author: Catherine Guiral
n° 07 — A book: Parallel Encyclopedia, Batia Suter. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat
n° 08 — A residency: Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé, at Villa Medici. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 09 — A typeface: Mitim by Radim Peško. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 10 — A line: Robert Brownjohn. Authors: Étienne Hervy, Natasha Leluc
n° 11 — Books/exhibitions: VOL. 13 by Klaus Scherübel, Title of the Show by Julia Born and THEREHERETHENTHERE by Simon Starling. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat
n° 12 — A magazine: Poster of a Girl, magazine Emmanuelle. Authors: Catherine Guiral & Sarah Vadé
n° 13 — A curatorial work: Graphic Design in the White Cube by Peter Bil’ak. Author: Lise Brosseau
n° 14 — A series of posters: CDDB Théâtre de Lorient by M/M (Paris). Author: Étienne Hervy
n° 15 — The work done everyday: the Mucem. Authors: Manon Bruet and Thomas Petitjean. + Questions from Spassky Fischer to Experimental Jetset, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Cornel Windlin, OK-RM, Mevis & van Deursen, Strobo, Roosje Klap, Studio Dumbar.
nº 16 — A reproduction: what El Lissitzkzy wants. Author: James Langdon
nº 17 — An acronym: ACAB. Authors: Ariane Bosshard, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Olivier Huz and Julie Martin
nº 18 — A studio visit: Ines Cox. Authors: Manon Bruet and Julia Andréone
nº 19 — A history: graphic designer-publishers. Author: Thierry Chancogne
nº 20 — An original: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2004–2006. Interview with Laurent Benner by James Langdon, photos: Andrian Samson
nº 21 — A ski resort: Pierre Faucheux and Les Arcs. From the space to the sign. Author: Catherine Guiral
nº 22 — • SPECIAL ISSUE • Artists Posters. Authors: Thierry Chancogne, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Mathias Augustyniak
nº 23 — A portrait: The Matser approving of his own work. Author: Ziga Testen
nº 24 — A theater identity: The Schauspielhaus Zürich by Cornel Windlin. Authors: Étienne Hervy and Thierry Chancogne
nº 25 — Exhibition views? Jonathan Monk. Author: Remi Parcollet
nº 26 — Production process: Print on Demand. Author: Manon Bruet
nº 27 — Rhizomes of London: Archigram and mental images of the city. Sonia de Puineuf
nº 28 — The conference: a format. Author: Manon Bruet
nº 29 — Girls, the Troopers of Dance. Aesthetization of Politics and Manipulation of Entertainment. Author: Alexandra Midal
nº 30 — Types of types: the typographic specimen by Lineto. Author: Olivier Lebrun
n°31 — An Edition: The Serving Library. Interview with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey by James Langdon
n°32 — A Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Bráulio Amado. Author: Manon Bruet
n°33 — Ligneous, tentacular forms: Decorative invasions and man eating plants. Author: Camille Pageard
n°34 — An award: What is a most beautiful book? Author: Thierry Chancogne
n°35 — An eye: artists’ view of the modern world 1911 – 1938. Author: Sonia de Puineuf
n°36 — Photography suspended: Herbert Bayer. Author: Remi Parcollet
n°37 — A polygraph: Georges Nelson. Author: Catherine Geel
n°38 — A debate: Jan Van Toorn / Wim Crouwel. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n°39 — A series of cards and performances: My Calling (Card) #1 #2 #3 by Adrian Piper. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat
n°40 — A collaboration: Les Urbaines & Eurostandard. Author : Manon Bruet
n°41 — The Image of Fashion: Forget (fashion) photography? Author: Aude Felley
n°42 — 12 or 13 things I know about: F.R.DAVID. Authors: Victoire Le Bars et Benjamin Thorel
n°43 — A typeface: “Typographic writing”. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n°44 — A conundrum: the visual communication of neuroscience. Author: James Langdon
n°45 — Made Redundant. (4 templates). Author: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey

13 — Entrée / A Sunday Afternoon

— Hans van der Meer / Minor Mysteries
— Bharat Sikka / Waiting for Midnight
— Bharat Sikka / The Sapper
— Wytske van Keulen / Stick Holding Branch
— Marijn Bax / ANK, Another Kind of Need
— Florian Schwarz / Imagine
— Gerco de Ruijter & Peter Delpeut / Footprint
— Stephan Keppel / Immer Zimmer
— Charlotte Dumas / Ao 青
— Sabelo Mlangeni / Isivumelwano
— Jaap Scheeren / Flipping the Bird
— Jon Horvath / This is Bliss
— Cristiano Volk / Laissez-Faire
— Ben Huff / Atomic Island
Roma Publications
439 Cycladic Blues / Marlene Dumas
438 Present / Marc Nagtzaam
437 The Sceptical Structures of Max / James Beckett
436 MOTIVI – A Graphic Index / Simon Boudvin
435 Belgian Colonial Monuments 2 / Jan Kempenaers
434 S75 / Petra Stavast
433 Le Chiffonnier (The Rag-Picker) / Jürgen Bergbauer
432 Then, now, and then / Marijke van Warmerdam
431 La scomparsa degli sciapodi / Mark Manders
431b Wikipedia Skiapode / Sciapode / Mark Manders
430 Meadow / Pauline Julier
429 Polaroid 54/59/79 / Dana Lixenberg
428 Rock-paper-roots / Géraldine Jeanjean
427 The Serving Library Annual 2022/23 (Meander) / Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, David Reinfurt, Robert Wiesenberger
426 Play Sincerely! / Olivier Goethals
425 Roma Publications #1-425 at Sitterwerk, St.Gallen / Roger Willems (editor)
424 Upstream / Ari Marcopoulos
423 Paare / Pairs / Jochen Lempert
422 Deep Sea / Nicolas Floc’h
421 Here and Elsewhere / Irene Kopelman
420 Book of Hours (2020-2021) / Kara Walker
419 Denver Mosaic 1961 / René Heyvaert
418 Noordereiland Drawings / Bart Lodewijks
417 Træfængslet / Nick Geboers
416 Farben / Marc Nagtzaam

12 — DEAR HARRY: 50 Artists 50 Letters

— Henry Flynt, Voorstel voor een Genieën-Bevrijdings-Project (original titel: Proposal for a “Geniuses’ Liberation” Project ), essay by Flynt, Dutch translation, Galerie A, 1976
— Roland van den Berghe, NEW YORK. Four Museums – One Postcard, booklet with 8 cards, 1977
— Studio A. 1976-78, archive folder containing more than 40 invitations, posters and publications for exhibitions and events by Günter Brus,Tomas Schmit, Paul Sharits, Ludwig Gosewitz, Stan Brakhage, Endre Tót, Ulises Carrión, George Brecht, Lawrence Weiner, a.o., and for presentations at Galerie Waalkens, Finsterwolde; ed. ca. 20 copies, 1978
— Harry Ruhé, FLUXUS, the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties, binder in slipcase, ca. 320 pages, 1979
— Studio A. 1977, archive folder containing invitations and original newspaper cuttings on exhibitions and performances by Al Hansen, Floor van Keulen, Endre Tót, Willem de Ridder, Thom Puckey & Dirk Larsen, Visual Works by Poets (with Simon Vinkenoog), etc. edition in ca. 20 copies, 1979
— Al Hansen, Fluxflakpak, binder with original photographs (partly vintage), prints, photocopies, and one or more original artworks, 20 copies, handmade by Al Hansen & HR, most copies signed by Hansen, Amsterdam, 1979
— Willem de Ridder & William Levy, RADIO ART. The Graven Image, edition Galerie A, 1980
— Ladislav Novák, edition published on the occasion of an exhibition at Galerie A, with contributions by Henri Chopin and Jíří Valoch; special edition with a signed screenprint by Novák, 1981
— Artists’ Books from Iceland, catalogue for an exhibition in cooperation with Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, and the Living Art Museum, Reykjavík, 1983 (very few copies left)
— JOSEPH BEUYS. Werken in het Fluxus-Archief Harry Ruhé, catalogue, with rubber stamps and reproductions mounted on the pages, 24 pp., 1987 — Harry Ruhé, MULTIPLES, et cetera, edition of 1200 copies (Dutch and English), 1991; English version: out of print /Dutch version: a few copies left — Peter Schuyff, Sketchbook, 36pp., 200 numbered & signed copies, (edition in collaboration with Aschenbach Gallery, Amsterdam), 1991
— Wiener Aktionismus, archive folder containing a poster, text sheets, original photographs and printed matter; published on the occasion of an exhibition organized by Galerie A at Proton ICA, Amsterdam, 1996
— Harry Ruhé, Het Beste van Wim T. Schippers / The Best of Wim T. Schippers, Centraal Museum Utrecht, 1997
— Harry Ruhé, 25 Fluxus Stories (with Edizioni Francesco Conz, Verona), texts on loose sheets in a cloth covered box, 100 numbered copies, Amsterdam/Verona, 1999
— Harry Ruhé, 25 Fluxus Stories (with Edizioni Francesco Conz, Verona), 88 pp, 2000; paperback version, 1999
— Harry Ruhé, STANLEY BROUWN. a chronology, Amsterdam, 2001/2005; binder with 76 sleeves containing texts, original photographs and printed matter
— Harry Ruhé, GEORGE BRECHT. The editions, 64 pp., 2005
— Harry Ruhé & Camillo Rigo, Lucio Fontana, Graphics, multiples, and more … catalogue raisonné, 208 pp., Amsterdam, 2006 — Harry Ruhé & Camillo Rigo, Lucio Fontana, Incisioni, grafica, multipli …, Trento, 2007 softcover and hardcover edition
— Harry Ruhé, FLUXUS IN HOLLAND, the Sixties (versions in Dutch and English), binder containing a chronology, original photographs, 2 DVDs (Fluxus events in 1962 and 1963) and printed matter, in slipcase, 100 copies, 2009
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, Hidden Delights, Lingerie in the Arts, 112 pp., 2009 — Harry Ruhé, FRANCESCO CONZ, publisher, collector, fetishist, binder with 50 sheets with documents and more than 80 original historic Fluxus related photographs, with actions by Ay-O, Ono, Shimamoto, Paik, Knizak, Schneemann, Corner, and many others, each with the stamp of the ARCHIVIO CONZ VERONA, 20 numbered copies, Amsterdam, 2010; in slipcase
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, Eat your Art Out – Food in the Arts, 94 printed cards, many of them with artists’ receipts on the reverse, incl. Banksy, Beuys, Blume, Breuning, César, Harrison, Knowles, Maciunas, Ono, Rotella, Schippers, Vautier, Watts…, in a cardboard box, CultClub Edition, 2010
— Special edition in 50 numbered copies, with an extra box containing multiples, photographs and prints by Fredie Beckmans (Soeppoëzie multiple and membership card Worstclub) , Bernhard Johannes Blume (signed Mahlzeit-postcard), Francesco Conz (text card with rubber stamp), Hugo Kaagman (signed wine label), Alison Knowles (signed multiple), Ine Poppe (photograph), Pauline Wiertz, Luuk Wilmering (signed photograph), Ton Zwerver (signed print), and photo documentation Fluxus Dinner, Amsterdam Hilton, 2003. With DVD in a cardboard box, 31.5 x 22.5 x 8 cm
— GUSTAV METZGER. No Holds Barred, documentation and text (HR) on the Earth Minus Environment, shown at Art Amsterdam, May 2010
— Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhé, Punk in Holland, binder with 48 sheets (design: Hugo Kaagman), photographs, buttons and a CD, cover with stencil work by Kaagman, 100 numbered copies, 2011
— Peter Hutchinson, Journal, 2011, a cloth covered box containing 32 prints, 24.2 x 19.6 cm,
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, Shame & Scandal: The Taboo in the Arts, binder containing 50 plastic sleeves containing original materials as well as reprints of photographs, photocopies of magazine and newspaper articles, postcards, gallery programs, etc., with DVD, planned as an edition of 100 copies, no more 59 copies were produced, 2012
— FLUXUS 50, Fluxbox containing the catalogue Fluxus at 50, and original photographs, buttons, newspaper clippings and printed matter, Museum Wiesbaden (catalogue and box) and FluxShop/Galerie A (contents), Summer 2012;
— Harry Ruhé, BEN IN HOLLAND, publication, 38 pp. incl. photos and printed matter, designed in the style of Ben Vautier’s legendary magazine BEN DIEU, planned edition: 100 copies, realized: ca. 50, CultClub, Amsterdam, 2013
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, POLAROID!, 56 pp., CultClub, Amsterdam, 2014 (incl. Daniel Spoerri, Milan Knížák and Dieter Roth)
— Harry Ruhé, More Fluxus Stories, Galerie A: 1975-2015, binder containing 40 plastic sleeves, filled with ephemera (partly 1960s vintage), and short stories about artists, 2015
— Paul Sharits, Letters to ‘A’ 1975-1993, archive box (dark blue library buckram; ring mechanism), with polyester album pages, containing correspondence (mainly Fluxus related), photographs and a signed (unique) photowork, 50 numbered copies, 2017
— Endre Tót, SOME NULLIFIED QUESTIONS FOR YOO, project for Galerie A, 1978; Questionnaire and the anwers by Marcel Alocco, Liesbeth Brandt Corstius, Ulises Carrión & Aart van Barneveld, Tuja van den Berg, Bernard Besson, Peter van Beveren, Sjoerd Buisman, Bruno Bussmann, José Louis Castillejo, Herbert Distel, Robert Filliou, Hervé Fisher, Peter Frank, Ken Friedman, Bill Gaglione, Jochen Gerz, Michael Gibbs, Franck Gribling, Buky Grinberg, Klaus Groh, Poul ter Hofstede, Davi Det Hompson, Hetty Huisman, Dorothy Iannone, Milan Knížák, Jaroslaw Kozłowski, John Liggins, Niels Lomholt, Joan Mathews, Tommy Mew, Jerven Ober, Silke Paull, Philip Peters, Pnina Reichman, Pierre Restany, Petr Stembera/Jaroslav Richtr, Gerrit-Jan de Rook, Takako Saito, Dieter Schwarz, Paul Sharits, Wies Smals, Robert Smit, Jiři Valoch, Inez Vandeghinste, Albert Waalkens, Hervé Würz and Jörg Zutter, in a transparent plastic holder, 35 copies, 2019
— Ken Friedman, 23 Fluxus Portraits, incl. Beuys, Brecht, Brouwn, Ono, Paik, Roth …, 25 sheets printed on heavy paper (A4), boxed, 50 numbered & signed copies, 2018
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, The Adventures of Willem de Ridder, 76 pp, 65 illustrations in colour/30 bl/w, 2017
— The Adventures of Willem de Ridder, special edition in 50 numbered copies: a box with the book, and prints, photographs and multiples by Eric Andersen, Philip Corner, Ken Friedman, Jon & Geoff Hendricks, Bengt af Klintberg, Alison Knowles, Ben Patterson, Willem de Ridder, Wim T. Schippers, Mieko Shiomi, Ben Vautier, and others
— Harry Ruhé, ART, NO-ART & ANTI-ART, 160pp., 2019
— Nam June Paik in Holland, ephemera and a DVD in a in a transparent plastic box, 50 copies, 2020
— Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire, INTIMACY , box containing texts, prints and photographs by Ay-O, Yoko Ono, Otto Muehl, Shigeko Kubota, Willem de Ridder, Annie Sprinkle, Alison Knowles, and others
— THIS WAY BROUWN. photography: Igno Cuypers (1964), archive box (dark blue library buckram; ring mechanism), with polyester album pages, containing texts and illustrations printed on translucent paper, and 25 original photographs of This Way Brouwn actions (1964) by Igno Cuypers, 10 copies, numbered & signed by the photographer, Amsterdam, 2020 (sold out); this proof also incl. photographs of Brouwn actions at Amstel 47 and at the Leiseplein Theater, Amsterdam (1964). 26 photographs, most of them signed by the photographer.
— THE ARTIST IS PRESENT, 58 sheets/116 pp. in a transparant plastic box, each copy containing vintage invitations, in each copy different, 30 numbered copies, August 2021
— Harry Ruhé, A FLUXUS STORY. 1981 AKI FLUXFEST 2021, 84pp., 2021
— Harry Ruhé, Vijfentwintig Fluxus Verhalen, (first published in 1999 as 25 Fluxus Stories, a collaboration with Francesco Conz, Verona), 58 loose sheets with original photographs and texts, in a cloth covered box, with text translations in Dutch by Hans Theys, edition in 20 numbered & signed copies (+ 5 A.P.), Art Partout Gallery, Antwerp / AARS, Antwerp Run School, 2022
— WONDERLAND. Van space cake tot safe space, an edition produced in collaboration with Galerie A; cardboard box, 35.5 x 27 x 5.5 cm, containing booklets, multiples and prints, most of them signed, contributions by:Anita Evenepoel, Anna Tilroe, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Anny De Decker, Bart Verschaffel, Carmen Devos, Christine Duchiron Brachot, Daisy Roman, Greta Meert, Guido Belcanto, Guy Rombouts, Hans Theys, Harry Ruhé, Idris Sevenans, Jan Braet, Jonas Van der Haegen, Joris Dockx, Laurence Petrone, Luc Deleu, Ludo Bekkers, Marianne Berenhaut, Marianne Brouwer, Moniek Bucquoye, Nadine Plateau, Paul Ilegems, Pauline Niks, Renny Ramaekers, Rob Malasch, Roger D’Hondt & Marie-Hélène Van Audenhove, Ronny Van de Velde, Walter Swennen, Wilfried Huet, Wim Van Mulders, Zena Van den Broek, edition of 50 copies, published by Antwerp Art School, Tornado Editions and Galerie A, 2022
— DEAR HARRY – 50 artists, 50 letters, archive box (dark blue library buckram; ring mechanism), with polyester album pages, containing letters reproduced in facsimile, and texts printed on translucent paper, 25 numbered copies, 2022

11 — What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843-1999 A Hands-on Reading Room Exhibition

— Frances Benjamin Johnston, The Hampton Album, 1899–1900 [2019 reprint shown]
— Elizabeth B. Brownell, Dream Children, 1901
— Adelaide Hanscom, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, 1905
— Mabel Eardley-Wilmot, The Light of Asia or the Great Renunciation, 1908
— Aënne Biermann, Aënne Biermann: 60 Fotos, 1930 [2019 reprint shown]

— Lotte Errell, Kleine Reise zu schwarzen Menschen, 1931
— Hannah Höch, Sammelalbum, 1933 [2004 facsimile shown]
— Doris Ulmann, Roll, Jordan, Roll, 1933
— Margaret Bourke-White, You Have Seen Their Faces, 1937
— Nell Dorr, In a Blue Moon, 1939
— Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham: Sixteen Dances in Photographs, 1941
— Eslanda Cardozo Goode Robeson, African Journey, 1945
— Lee Miller, Wrens in Camera, 1945
— Thérèse Le Prat, Visages d’acteurs, 1950
— Lola Álvarez Bravo, Acapulco en el sueno, 1951
— Anna Riwkin-Brick, Elle Kari, 1951
— Henriette Grindat, Lausanne, 1952
— Inge Morath, Guerre à la tristesse, 1955
— Emmy Andriesse, Beeldroman, 1956
— Lori Sammartino, La Domenica degli Italiani, 1961 [2009 reprint shown]
— Eiko Yamazawa, Far and Near, 1962
— Eva Fuková, Eva Fuková, 1963
— Helen Levitt, A Way of Seeing, 1965
— Emila Medková, Emila Medková, 1965
— Nell Dorr, Of Night and Day, 1968
— Rosemarie Clausen, Samuel Beckett inszeniert das “Endspiel”, 1969
— Imogen Cunningham, Imogen Cunningham: Photographs, 1970
— Diane Arbus, Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph, 1972 [2022 reprint shown]
— Louise E. Jefferson, The Decorative Arts of Africa, 1973
— Tamiko Nishimura, Shikishima, 1973
— Elsa Dorfman, Elsa’s Housebook: A Woman’s Photojournal, 1974
— Abigail Heyman, Growing up female: a personal photojournal, 1974
— Éva Besnyö, “Meid, wat ben ik bewust geworden” — Vijf jaar Dolle mina, 1975
— Jutka Rona, Wolvenstraat 1974: Tussen 12 en 2 / between 12 and 2, 1975
— Eve Arnold, The Unretouched Woman, 1976
— Erica Lennard, Les femmes, les soeurs, 1976
— Susan Meiselas, Carnival Strippers, 1976 [2021 revisited edition shown]
— Michiko Matsumoto, Nobiyakana onna tachi / Women Come Alive, 1978
— Marcia Resnick, Re-visions, 1979 [2019 facsimile shown]
— JEB (Joan E. Biren), Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians, 1979 [2021 reprint shown]
— Lisette Model, Lisette Model: An Aperture Monograph, 1979
— Thea Segall, Los Ninos de Aqui, 1979
— Martha Wilson, Autobiography, 1979
— Marianne Wex, ‘Let’s Take Back Our Space’: “Female” and “Male” Body Language as a Result of Patriarchal Structures, 1979
— Monika von Boch, Land Sehen, 1981
— Ruth Orkin, A Photo Journal, 1981
— Jeanne Moutoussamy- Ashe, Daufuski Island: A Photographic Essay, 1982
— Lesley Lawson, Working Women: A Portrait of South Africa’s Women Workers, 1985
— Hsin Wang, Lanyu zaijian. Wang hsin sheying ji, 1985
— Ruth Bernhard, The Eternal Body: A Collection of Fifty Nudes, 1986
— Jo Spence, Putting Myself in the Picture: A Political, Personal and Photographic Autobiography, 1986
— Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986 [2012 reissue shown]
— Dayanita Singh, Zakir Hussain: A Photo Essay, 1986–1987 [2019 maquette shown]
— Mary Ellen Mark, Streetwise, 1988 [2015 Tiny: Streetwise Revisited shown]
— Angèle Etoundi Essamba, Passion, 1989
— Graciela Iturbide, Juchitán de las Mujeres, 1989
— Martine Barrat, Die Boxer, 1991 [1993 English edition Do or Die shown]
— Lorna Simpson, Lorna Simpson: Untitled 54, 1992
— Sophie Calle, Des histoires vraies, 1994
— Paz Errázuriz, El infarto del alma, 1994 [2017 reprint shown]
— Carrie Mae Weems, In these Islands: South Carolina–Georgia, 1995
— Tina Barney, Theater of Manners, 1997
— Shirin Neshat, Women of Allah, 1997
— Hiromix, Hiromix, 1998
— Yurie Nagashima, Kazoku, 1998
— Barbara Kruger, Thinking of You, 1999

What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich (eds.), 10×10 Photobooks, 2021

10 — Fabrikbooks: The Artists as Publishers + The Danish Reading Room

— Nicolai Howalt / A New Light Break
— Nicolai Howalt / Old Tjikko
— Nicolai Howalt / By Looking Down I see Up
— Nicolai Howalt / Element
— Nicolai Howalt / 78 Boxers
— Nicolai Howalt / Boxer
— Nicolai Howalt / Sammen Stød
— Nicolai Howalt / 3×1
— Trine Søndergaard / 203 Works
— Trine Søndergaard / Hovedtøj
— Trine Søndergaard / Stasis II
— Trine Søndergaard / A Room Inside
— Trine Søndergaard / Monochrome Portraits

The Danish Reading Room
Nordic Animist Year — Nordic Animism
Danske Stel — Strandberg
G A Andersen — Strandberg
Marie Gudme Leth — Strandberg
Danish Creatives — Danish Creatives*
My Book — Arch. B
The Floating Community — Arch. B
Atmosphere — Arch. B
Mahk — Arch. B
White Wall — Arch. B
Power of Circumstance — Arch. B
Forest Tower — Arkitektens
Critical City — Arkitektens
Climate — Arkitektens
World of Vibeke Klint — Haslund
Ark Journal Issue VI — Ark
Ark Journal Issue VII — Ark
Inuuteq Storch: Flesh — Disko Bay
Bek:Vulgarity of Being 3Dimensional — Disko Bay
Rasmussen: Unprofessional — Disko Bay
Lisbet Nielsen: Siggie — Disko Bay
Juan Hein Cloud & Bomb — Disko Bay
Storch: Keepers of the Ocean — Disko Bay
Peitersen: From Now On — Disko Bay
Getaway — Disko Bay
Frøslev: Unsettled City — Disko Bay
Danielsen: Drenger — Disko Bay
Odgaard: Shades of Light — A. Petersen
Svarth: First Movers — A.Petersen
Hoppe: Bogsteder — Wunderbuch *
Malene Landgreen — Roulette Russe
AVPD – Mono/Essays — Roulette Russe
Asbjørn Sand – Slip — Roulette Russe
Allen Ginsberg – Fotografier — Roulette Russe
John Kørner — Roulette Russe
Kjaer People Ultimate Spectacle — Roulette Russe
Møller,Storch – Mirrored — Roulette Russe
Alicia Kwade — Roulette Russe
Hesselholdt Radically Better — Roulette Russe
Palmyra — Glyptotek
Road to Palmyra — Glyptotek
Mads Greve: Homesick — Book Lab #
Krass Clement: ‘Metrovia — Gyldendal
Henrik Vibskov Box 1 — Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov Box 2 — Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov Box 3 — Vibskov
Ida Nissen: Scrim — Lodret Vandret
Hjort: Leben — Kulor
Storch: Porcelain Souls — Konnotation
Salto: One Hand and the Other — self published 5 Months in Copenhagen — Officin
Dublett: Jorgensen — Hordaland
Botanizing on Asphalt — Officin
Mediatrix Morblod — Luilui
Solkaer: Passage — Circle
Solkaer: Black Sun — Circle

09 — Jochen Lempert, Paare / Pairs

— Jochen Lempert, Paare / Pairs (Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2022)
— Jochen Lempert, Hochsommerliche Aerosole (Rigas Digest #16, 2020)
— Jochen Lempert, The Lecithin People (Nummer 10, Kunsthaus, Muttenz, 2020)
— Jochen Lempert, Two Poems, Seven Pairs (MUT Mutina for Art, Italy, 2018)
— Jochen Lempert, The Skins of Alca Impennis (1992-2017) (Aprengel Museum, Hannover, 2017)
— Jochen Lempert, Volume Ⅰ – III (Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2017)
— Jochen Lempert, Field Guide (Izu Photo Museum, Japan, 2016)
— Jochen Lempert, Plant Volatiles (BQ, Berlin, 2016)
— Jochen Lempert, Composition (Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2015)
— Jochen Lempert, Tauben (Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, 2015)
— Jochen Lempert, My Garden (Nieves, Zurich, 2014)
— Jochen Lempert, Phenotype (Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2013)
— Jochen Lempert, Drift (Museum Ludwig Köln, 2010)
— Jochen Lempert, 4 Frogs (Edition P & Art 3, 2010)
— Jochen Lempert, Recent Field Work (Culturgest, Lisboa / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2009)
— Jochen Lempert, White Light (limArt, Japan, 2008)
— Jochen Lempert, 6CO2+12H2O = C6H1206 + 6H2O + 6O2 (Kunstverein Ulm, 2007)
— Jochen Lempert, Coevolution (Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2006)
— Jochen Lempert, Physiognomische Versuche (Salon Verlag, Köln, 2002)
— Jochen Lempert, 365 Tafeln zur Naturgeschichte (Bonner Kunstverein, 1997)
— Jochen Lempert, Historia Naturalna (Mała Galeria, Warsaw, 1993)
— A. Exner, J. Lempert, A. Riechers. (Hamburg, 1992)

08 — On The Self-Reflexive Page

— Kōbō Abe, Hako otoko (Tokyo: Shinchosha, 2005)
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— Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig, Lesbian Peoples: Materials for a Dictionary (London: Virago, 1980)

07 — Bertien van Manen, Archive 1970-2021

Easter and Oak Trees (Mack, 2013)
Vrouwen te gast (Feministische Uitgeverij Sara, 1979)
Zelfportret. Vrouwenbeweging in de jaren tachtig. (Feministische Uitgeverij Sara, 1982)
Dienstmaagd des Heren? Vrouwen en de katholieke kerk in Nederland (Uitgeverij Waanders, 1985)
De strijd van de vrouwen in Nicaragua (Van Gennep Amsterdam, 1984)
I Will Be Wolf (Mack, 2017)
A Hundred Summers, A Hundred Winters (De Verbeelding, 1994)
East Wind West Wind (De Verbeelding, 2001)
Moonshine (Mack, 2014)
The other side of the moon (2015, not published)
Let’s Sit Down Before We Go (Mack, 2011)
Give Me Your Image (Steidl, 2006)
Beyond Maps and Atlases (Mack, 2016)
Archive Bertien van Manen (Mack, 2021)

06 — Japan Works and Other Books by Aglaia Konrad

Elasticity (NAi publishers, Rotterdam, 2002)
Iconocity (Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2005) 
Desert Cities (JRP Ringier, Zurich, 2008)
Carrara (Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2011)
Zweimal belichtet (Self-published, 2013)
Aglaia Konrad From A to K (Koenig Books, London, 2016) 
Shaping Stones (Multipress, Oslo, 2017)
Schaubuch: Skulptur (Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2017)
Japan Works (Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2021)

05 — Stephan Keppel, Soft Copy Hard Copy

Soft Copy Hard Copy — 22 x 30 cm/ 240 pages + poster / isbn 978-94-90119-91-1, 2021
Flat Finish — 21 x 29,7 cm/ 400 pages / isbn 978-94-90119-55-3, 2018
Entre Entree — 21 x 29 cm / 208 pages / isbn 978-94-90119-25-6, 2014
Reprinting the City — 21 x 29 cm / 212 pages / isbn 978-94-90119, 2012
Foundations of Modern Art, Amédée Ozenfant, Dover Publications, New York (New American Edition, augmented 1952, translated by John Rodker).
Een avond in Amsterdam, K. Schippers, Amsterdam: Querido, 1978

04 — Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, ROOM C

C1 Roma Publications
— All Our Suns / Olaf Nicolai
— An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology / Jeff Weber
— Anastasis / Giorgio Andreotta Calò
— Better be watching the clouds / Walid Raad
— Bollenveld / Erik van der Weijde
— Composition with Yellow Verticals / Mark Manders
— Conrad McRae Youth League Tournament / Ari Marcopoulos
— Fragments of a Conversation… / Diego Tonus
— Full Scale False Scale / Experimental Jetset
— Hands Make Mistakes / Ariel Schlesinger
— Hexamiles (Mont-Voisin) / Batia Suter
— Let’s be honest, the weather helped / Walid Raad
— Postscripts / Jalal Toufic
— : gerlach en koop / gerlach en koop
— Re-Printed Matter / Karel Martens
— Roma Tote Bag (after Van Doesburg) + 2 postcards / Experimental Jetset
— Shadow Studies / Mark Manders
— The Absence of Mark Manders / Mark Manders
— The Serving Library Annual 2019/20
— The World Is All That Is The Case / Arthur Ou
— Tomorrow’s Sculpture / Katinka Bock
— Un Ami Simple / Valentin Carron
— World Without Us / Geert Goiris
C2 Spector Books
— MEKAS: I SEEM TO LIVE 978-3-95905-288-7
— BLACK MOUNTAIN (ENGL.) 978-3-95905-268-9
— UNDER THE RADAR (ENGL.) 978-3-95905-104-0
— LEIPZIG HAUPTBAHNHOF 978-3-95905-324-2
— BUILDING CRITIQUE 978-3-95905-237-5
— ROTHENBERGER: QUESTIONS 978-3-95905-281-8
— RICARDA ROGGAN – KINO 978-3-95905-321-1
— Bertrand Cavalier / Concrete Doesn’t Burn
— Awoiska van der Molen / The Living Mountain
— Thomas Kuijpers / Hoarder Order
— Mariken Wessels / Miss Cox
— Trigger # 01 / Impact
— Andres Gonzalez / American Origami
— Nicola Nunziata / ALBUM
— Michael Ashkin / were it not for
— Marina Caneve / Are They Rocks or Clouds?
— Arjan de Nooy / 99:1
— Drew Nikonowicz / This World and Others Like It
— Miki Soejima / The Passenger’s Present
— Sanne van den Elzen / Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days
— Hans Gremmen / Lookout Point, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
— Rosie Heinrich / we always need heroes
— Bert Teunissen / Dazzle
— Bert Teunissen / On the Road, Everglades
— Ad van Denderen / Stone
— Danaë Moons / Out of Grip
C4 Art Paper Editions
— Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck Gallery magazine N°1
— Paul Kooiker The Rumour
— Jurgen Maelfeyt American Apparaat Adds
— MVSC04 Francesca Torzp
— Hilde Bouchez A Wild Thing
— Kristof Van Gestel Mascottegalerij/ Mascot Gallery
— Bauke Lievens, QuintijnKetelsn Sebastian Kahn, Vincent Focquet / Thinking Trough Circus
— Camille Vivier Sophie
— Erik van der Weijde, Subway 10
— Erik van der Weijde, Subway 11
— Jurgen Maelfeyt FURS
— Rosa Smalen Berlin
— Sara Bjarland Groundwork
— Sybren Vanoverbergen Conference of the Birds
— Diana Tamane Flower Smuggler
— Ruth van Beek How To Do The Flowers
— Paul Kooiker Eggs and Rarities
C5 Kodoji Press
— DISGUISE AND DECEPTION by Anika Schwarzlose
— IN ORDER OF PAGES by Veronika Spierenburg
— LIAR LÜGNER by Ruth Erdt
— LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
— LONELY PLANETS by Atlas Studio
— Special Collector’s Edition POSTER LONELY PLANETS by Atlas Studio
— MISE EN ABYME by Jan Mammey
— NOW IS NOW by Nanna Hänninen
— RAINBOW VARIATIONS by by Taisuke Koyama
— SCULPTURES by Oda Jaune
— THINGS PEOPLE WEAR IN KENYA by Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zaerpour
C6 Valiz
— Aesthetic Justice
— Art of Civil Action
— Commonism
— Dread
— Ethics of Art
— Future of the New
— Imaginative Bodies
— Institutional Attitudes
— Interrupting the City
— Mobile Autonomy
— Moving Together
— Murmuring Artistic Multitude
— Participation is Risky
— Practice of Dramaturgy
— Spaces For Cricism
— Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm
— Courageous Citizens
— Lost in Media
— Lure of the Biographical
— Mieke Bal, Trade of the Teacher
— Pavilion Propositions
— Perfect Spectator
— Shape Evidence
— Transhistorical Museum
— Triple Bond
— Conceptual Art
— Failed Images
— Authenticity?
— Being Public
— Compassion
— Lost and living in Archives
— Plan and Play
— Long 1980s
— What’s the Use
— Archive Species, Robaard
— Flourishing FoodScapes
— Hard Werken
— Rozendaal, Rafael
— Feminist Art Activisms and Artivism
— Wicked Arts Assignments
— Nabijheid
— Nearness
— Social matter, social design
— Creative Theories of Just About Everything
— When Fact is Fiction
— Design Dedication
— In the Shadow of the Artwork
C8 The Eriskay Connection
— Anastasiia / Christian van der Kooy
— I Went Looking for a Ship / Natascha Libbert
— The Arsenic Eaters / Simon Brugner
— Universe / Facts in the post-truth era / Jos Jansen
— Rebuilding / My Days in New York 1959-2018 / Martino Marangoni
— Shaky Ground / Traces of the Great War at the Ypres Salient / Peter Dekens
— Doug’s Cabin / Karianne Bueno
— Deep Time / Lynn Alleva Lilley
— Zilverbeek (Silver Creek) / Lucas Leffler
— Event Horizon (l’Horizon des événements) / Stéphanie Roland
— Watering My Horse by a Spring at the Foot of the Long Wall /  Xiaoxiao Xu
— The Essential / Martin & Inge Riebeek
— Leopold’s Legacy / Oliver Leu
— Some of You Killed Luisa / Valeria Cherchi
C9 Onomatopee
C10 Lugemik
— EMPTY COATS August Krogan-Roley
— NOTES ON SPACE Paul Kuimet, Gregor Taul
— PENJET NOTEBOOK (set of 2-notebooks)
— SHORT TERM ETERNITY Gordon Matta-Clark, Anu Vahtra
— STATE IS NOT A WORK OF ART Katerina Gregos (Ed.)
C11 Idea Books
C12 Perimeter Editions
— Izabela Pluta – Figures of slippage and oscillation
— Agatha Gothe-Snape – The Outcome is Certain
— Claudia Van Eeden – Coo-ee!
— Noel McKenna – End Street
— Laith McGregor – Archipelago
— Paul Knight – jump into bed with me
— Bec Parsons – Lone Dove
— Mike Slack – Walking in Place 2: Berlin
— Mike Slack – Walking in Place 1: New Orleans
— Shapes of Knowledge
— Sarah Pannell – Tabriz to Shiraz
— Ari Marcopoulos – Boarding Pass
— Sarah Walker – Second Sight
— Rohan Hutchinson – An error has occurred
— Perimeter 2019 Boulder Mono Tote

03 — Read Books, Buy Books, Buy Local

1. Poster — Size: 48  x 68 cm, folded to 17 x 24cm. Printed in offset, double sided printed on IBO.

02 — TEST PRESS, 20 Years of Student Publications 1999-2019

1 Parallel Curriculum: group project second year, 2016
2  Blood: Line-Gry Hørup, 2018
3  Salt & Pepper: Yuri Sato, 2017
4  Finissage: Julie Héneault, 2016
5  Writing Images Under Technological Restrains: Sebastian Ly Serena, 20174
7 Archiving Today: Rebecca Stephany, 2006
8 They’re There: Ott Metusala, Andrada Smaranda, Ben Clark, Lou Bouche, Noem Held, 2012
9 The Revised Edition of Die Neue Typographie: Maarten Kanters, 2011
10 Dante / Bosch / Beuys / Bacon: Jan Sonntag, 2005
11 Air: Makoto Yamada, 2008
12 I Plunged in Slo-Mo: Clara Pasteau, 2017
13 Tentaculum: group project second year, 2017
14 Gerrit Rietveld in de Efteling: Alon Levin, Serge Rompza, 2001
15 Hello Nice to Meet You: Daphne Correll, Serge Rompza, 2001
16 INL: Alon Levin, 2002
17 Nr. 0: Dapne Correll, Alon Levin, 2002
18 Utopia 3 Square Meters: designer unknown, year unknown
19 A Lecture Series About the Relationship Between Graphic Design and Photography: Thomas Buxó, 2014
20 See Also 1: compiled by Line Arngaard, Robin Brass, Orin Bristow, Robert Finkei, Paul Girardeau, Jan Janssenswillen, Deimante Jasiuleviciute, Mikk Jõgi, Stefán Stefánsson, Alice Trimouille, Ruby van Vugt, Han Yu, 2017
021 read also 2: compiled by, Manon Bachelier, Eline Birkehag, Yun Hee Chae, Beatriz Filipe, Conefrey, Kimberley Cosmilla, Eliott Déchamboux, Anton Halla, Wooseak Jang, Zuzana Kostelanská, Jurgis Lietunovas, Marcel Mrejen, Kaspar Sellin, Claes Storm, Laslo Strong, Alexander Übelhör, 2017
22 See Also: Zuzana Kostelanská, Orin Bristow, 2017
23 Boek: Claudie Kessels, year unknown
24 Shape Tool: Quirin Jacques, 2013
25 I Tried to Figure Out What a Grid System Was: Nina Schouten, 2015
26 Honor & Simplicity: Inna Kochkina, 2015
27 For Henk Groenendijk’s Library: Eleonora Sjlanda, 2018
28 A Catalog of Social Relations: Michelle Parrott, 2018
29 Manifests! in Henk’s Library: Klara Eneroth, 2018
30 The Innocent Magpie: Camilla Kövecses, 2018
31 Miscellaneous, A Conversation Piece: Johannes Reisigl, 2018
32 Covers: Youngjin Park, 2018
33 A List of -Made -Edited -Published Publications: Maxime Selin, 2018
34 The World is Big: Felix Weigand, 2003
35 (Fan)zine About a Designer, Design, Device, Event, Machine or Organization You Find of Historical Importance: Lisa Arkhangelskaya, Alix Chauvet, Chloé Delchini, Klara Eneroth, Jim Klok, Brigita Kudarauskaite, Michelle Parrott, Mark Emil Poulsen, Yuri Sato, Maxime Selin, Ken Zhao,Vica Allakhverdyan, Filip Birkner, Ossip Blits, Joyce Chang, Camilla Kövecses, Mona Mercier, YoungJin Park, Johannes Reisigl, Eleonora Šljanda, Swani Vinton, Virginia Vivaldi, Kirill Zakomoldin, 2018
36 Specimen Volume 1: Steven Lenoir, Jan van der Kleijn, 2016
37 Specimen Volume 2: Leonie Hennicke, Sophie Rentien, 2016
38 Concrete Mashup – A Concerto in 18 Movements: designer unknown, year unknown
39 Xs.Jetset: Claes Storm, 2015
40 A Visual Study of Young-Helmholtz Color Theory: Lauritz Meier Andersen, 2012
41 Alex: group project, first year, year unknown
42 Still: Sabo Day, Gerard Jordan Flause, Raoul Audouin, Peter de Voogt, Silje Molden, Sonia Matyassen, Melanie Fischer, Migle Kazlauskaite, Severin Bunse, Charline Tuma, Carla Peer, Michaël Poupaux, Agnieszka Zimolag, Mads Wildgaard, Rosen Tomov, Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen, Julie Héneault, Julia Fischer, Line-Gry Hørup, Kim Forni, Nam Hee Ji, Lena Gollvik, Kristine Andersen, Marie Grønkær, Jacob Darfeld, Anna Kindermann, Kiklaus Mettler, Nora Steenbergen, Vytautas Volbekas, Maria Mitcheva, Sebastian Ly Serena, Miriam Reili, Lexi Visco, Fabienne Wyss, 2012
43 Bestrijd Beheerst Moet: Yvonne van Versendaal, 2000
44 Bubble Tool: Mona Mercier, 2018
45 41” 42” 43”: Wooseok Jang, Sara Veith, 2017
46 Dutch Design Dead: Dept, Leonard van Munster, Goodwill, Maurice Scheltens, 75B, Caulfield & Tensing, 1998
47 Human Complexity: Johannes Breyer, 2013
48 The Period of Traces: Jonas Wandeler, 2010
49 Jewel: Anna Hennerdal, 2011
50 The Selfish Gene: designer unknown, year unknown
51 MEME & What’s In A Name: Younie Park, 2006
52 Stone, Space, Me – Pretending to be Solid: Jolana Sýkorová, Naama Aharony, 2016
53 A Vertical Slice: Vica Allakhverdyan, Màtè Kohout, Mona Mercier i.a., 2017
54 Long Live The Bookletizer: Anne-Sofie Thomsen, 2002
55 Street Read: Assen Ivanov, 2002
56 Flashbacks: Edith Kuyvenhoven, 2001
57 De Deur: Liu Jian, 2000
59 Fotomagazin: designer unknown, year unknown
60 Wo Anders Wenn Nicht Hier: Arne Kaiser, 1999
61 Dubbel_Drukte: Jan Sontag, 2004
62 Decay: Xavier Fernandez Fuentes, 2008
63 Mickey’s Walk on the Wild Side: Daniel Norregaard, Emma Olanders, Michal Owinski, Gabrielle Pauty, Julio Reyes Montesinos, Daan Rietbergen, Jakub Straka, Daiva Tubutyte, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, Akiko Wakabayashi, Alexander Thali, Merel Woudwijk, Corinne Gisel, Jurgis Griskevicius, Keun Pyo Ahn, Charlie Bakker, Doris Boerman, Julia Künzi, Esther Bentvelsen, Jules Estèves, Roos Levano, Sigridur Juliusdottir, Adrian Camenzind, Maaike Kuiper, Katrin Uhlmann, 2009
64 Pam En De Bok: Margit Lukács, 1998
65 The Islanders: Eduardo Leon Herrera, 2014
66 Process: Alexandre Viault, 2007
67 170 Pictures to Deal With: Alexandre Viault, 2007
68 At the Beach: designer unknown, year unknown
69 Untitled: designer unknown, year unknown
70 Marcel Duchamp, Infra-Thin: Nam-He Ji, 2014
71 A Typographycal Essay: Inna Kochkina, 2015
72 Word Atlas: Louis Lüthi, 2005
73 Selected Works, Almost A4: Akiko Wakabayashi, 2012
74 High Five: Søren Wibroe, 2008
75 Cruise Culture: Orin Bristow, 2016
76 NDSM Magazine: Matthias Kreutzer, Jens Schildt, 2006
77 Unsigned Signs: Moonsick Gang, 2012
78 www.foreign-legion.net: Foreign-legion, 2012
79 Nothing But Clouds: Sara Arzu Hardegger, Noémie Courtois, Kristina Jurotschkin, 2015
80 Cube, Block, Square: Victor Brangoleau, 2009
81 Mickey Mouse is Sick Today: Daphne Spelier, Sara Arzu, 2015
82 On the Poverty of Student Life: Joseph Miceli, 2006
83 Equo: Joseph Miceli, 2006
84 Shortcuts & Tips: Karen Willey, 2004
85 Everything Else: Jakub Straka, 2009
86 17 Visions on Michel: Michel van Duyvenbode, 1998
87 Concrete, Look Around, Luxurious: Anton Weflö, group project first year, 2014
88 Pane, Amore e 372 Italiani: Martina Loepfe, 2001
89 About the Place of Subtitles: designer unknown, year unknown
90 Half Constructed Infinity: Lydia Sachse, 2012
91 Fontbook: Thomas Castro, third year students Artez, 2004
92 Lessons in Mathematics: 3+1=25 Students: Will Holder, Henk Jan Bouwmeester, Andy Buddenbaum, Timo Gässner, Daniëlle Geuke, Vasil Iliev, Maria Moralos, Pier Tosta, Timothy van Vliet, Corry Schoenaerts, 2000
93 Typographical Performances: Merel Karman, 2011
94 Aussi Bien Que Les Cigales – Typographical Essay: designer unknown, year unknown
95 Letter Schetsboek: Hansje van Halem, 2002
96 Cannon Magazine – Issue 1: Phil Baber, 2009
97 HHallo: Julia Born, 2000
98 Sorry U Were Hoaxed: group project second year, 2011
99 Plaat 1: Daria Holme, 2000
100 Park of the Future No 0001: Rogério Lira, Andrew Mattijssen, 1997
101 Park of the Future No 0002: Sofie Spindler, 1998
102 Park of the Future No 0003: Julia Born, Daria Holme, 1992
103 Park of the Future No 0004: Merit Buitenhuis, Judith Schoffelen, 2000
104 Park of the Future: Kathrin Hero, 1999
105 356 Days, 1 Day: Daria Holme, 2000
106 Talks About Money: Johanna Bayerlein, 2007
107 Our Daily Debates: Nina Støttrup Larsen, 2007
108 37 Assignments: Indrek Sirkel, 2007
109 Can I Make Everybody Happy?: Dag Brandsaeter, Noa Segal, 2007
110 I Heard They Ripped It Off: Robin Ekemark, Brita Lindvall, 2007
111 Miss Rietveld: Lu Liang, 2008
112 As a Graphic Designer /Photo-Grapher etc: Jens Schildt, 2006
113 Put Your Jordans in the Air: Carla Peer, 2012
114 Sonntag Volume 1: Jan Sonntag, 2004
115 Dahl Met Ingeborg: Lane Kristensen, Marielle Frederiks, Joe Miceli, Claire McNally, Jonathan Puckey, Hilde Meeus, Peter Ström, Naama Iron, Timo Hofmeijer, Risto Kalmre, Jens Schildt, Ingeborg Scheffers, Matthias Kreutzer, Robin Gadde, 2006
116 Skabelon 43: Kasper Andreasen, 2003
117 The Cherry on the Face of the Horse: Hanne Lippard, 2008
118 Music Friends: Eleonora Šjlanda, 2018
119 Grids, Structures, Patterns: Na Kim, 2008
120 Arno Nollen: Kasia Wozniak, 2000
121 Past Perfect: Yael Seggev, 1999
122 The Erratic Life of Texts Made Public: Laura Pappa, 2012
123 Randomness: Claudia Doms, 2006
124 Out of the Woods: Steinunn Jónsdóttir, 2009
125 Oponthoud in Oslo: Esther de Vries, 1998
126 Three Self-Explanatory Books on Bookbinding: Lina Ozerkina, 2005
127 This is Your New Sketchbook: Lina Ozerkina, 2005
128 Documentation of a Population: Kasper Andreasen, Tine Melzer, 2003
129 S Fonts: Jan Sonntag, 2002
130 Margetaal: Kasper Andreasen, 2000
131 3-D Writing Pad: Julia Born, 2000
132 Schicht Wechsel: Julia Born, 2000
133 Learning the Alphabet From a Plant: Rudy Guedj, 2013
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01 — Karel Martens, Re-Printed Matter, 60 Years of Books

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1960—Jeugdfestival Velp
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1977—Woody Van Amen, Moderne kunstvoorwerpen 1963-1977
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1996—K.Martens, Printed matter
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1998—Als we huizen bouwen, praten en schrijven we’
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1997—Wim Crouwel, Mode en module
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2007—Architectural positions, architecture, modernity and poblic sphere
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2013—F.Huygen, Jurrian Schrofer
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2019—Karel Martens, Re-Printed Matter
2019—Karel Martens, Re-Printed Matter
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1992—Nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek stamp
1992—Nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek stamp
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2016—OASE #97, Action and Reaction in Architecture, Actie en Reactie in Architectuur
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2018—OASE #100, Karel Martens and The Architecture of the Journal, Karel Martens en de architectuur van het tijdschrift
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2019-OASE #104, Oase 104: The Urban Household Of Metabolism