10 — Fabrikbooks: The Artists as Publishers + The Danish Reading Room

10 — Fabrikbooks: The Artists as Publishers + The Danish Reading Room

17 June — 17 July 2022

In 2015 the distinguished Danish artists Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt created the independent publishing house Fabrikbooks to enhance their artistic work within the book format.  Both have used the book format as an essential part of their oeuvre, not only as a way of presenting their art, but also also as a conceptual framework and a way of broadening the scope of their artistic work. Unusually, by founding their own independent publishing house, the artists have taken self-control of the whole process of creating their books – from conceptualization to production and distribution.

Both use photography as their medium; Søndergaard to probe existential themes such as time and timelessness, stasis and flux. Whilst Howalt often challenges the boundaries of photography by reinventing traditional techniques to ask philosophical questions and unveil meaning and beauty in concrete phenomena.

The exhibition will present two large-scale visual installations. One based on the book Old Tjikko by Howalt, in which a single photograph of a 9.500-year-old spruce is reproduced 97 times using a variety of antique photographic papers. For Trine Søndergaard’s artwork Borgherre, an ancient variety of Danish apple is depicted in the slow process of decay. For this series Søndergaard picked the apples and photographed them over a period of a year, always at the same time of day, exploring the transformations enacted by time itself.

Central to the exhibition is the presentation, for the first time in an international context, of the complete collection of books published by Fabrikbooks, including limited special editions and out-of-print titles. These are displayed under vitrines with descriptive texts. Copies of in-print titles will be available in the adjoining reading room

Included in the show are two films made for Denmark’s Louisiana Channel in which the artists reflect on aspects of their work. Søndergaard’s Exploring Emptiness from Within and Howalt’s What We Become.

In ‘The Danish Reading Room’ the theme will be extended to approximately fifty recently published art and design titles produced by Danish independent presses, many of which have never received international distribution. These books will be available for perusal in a comfortable setting. Reference will be made to relevant Danish graphic designers, and to the iconic Narayana Press who printed the majority of the books. A list of independent Danish and local booksellers will be provided for eventual purchases.

— Nicolai Howalt / A New Light Break
— Nicolai Howalt / Old Tjikko
— Nicolai Howalt / By Looking Down I see Up
— Nicolai Howalt / Element
— Nicolai Howalt / 78 Boxers
— Nicolai Howalt / Boxer
— Nicolai Howalt / Sammen Stød
— Nicolai Howalt / 3×1
— Trine Søndergaard / 203 Works
— Trine Søndergaard / Hovedtøj
— Trine Søndergaard / Stasis II
— Trine Søndergaard / A Room Inside
— Trine Søndergaard / Monochrome Portraits

The Danish Reading Room
Nordic Animist Year — Nordic Animism
Danske Stel — Strandberg
G A Andersen — Strandberg
Marie Gudme Leth — Strandberg
Danish Creatives — Danish Creatives*
My Book — Arch. B
The Floating Community — Arch. B
Atmosphere — Arch. B
Mahk — Arch. B
White Wall — Arch. B
Power of Circumstance — Arch. B
Forest Tower — Arkitektens
Critical City — Arkitektens
Climate — Arkitektens
World of Vibeke Klint — Haslund
Ark Journal Issue VI — Ark
Ark Journal Issue VII — Ark
Inuuteq Storch: Flesh — Disko Bay
Bek:Vulgarity of Being 3Dimensional — Disko Bay
Rasmussen: Unprofessional — Disko Bay
Lisbet Nielsen: Siggie — Disko Bay
Juan Hein Cloud & Bomb — Disko Bay
Storch: Keepers of the Ocean — Disko Bay
Peitersen: From Now On — Disko Bay
Getaway — Disko Bay
Frøslev: Unsettled City — Disko Bay
Danielsen: Drenger — Disko Bay
Odgaard: Shades of Light — A. Petersen
Svarth: First Movers — A.Petersen
Hoppe: Bogsteder — Wunderbuch *
Malene Landgreen — Roulette Russe
AVPD – Mono/Essays — Roulette Russe
Asbjørn Sand – Slip — Roulette Russe
Allen Ginsberg – Fotografier — Roulette Russe
John Kørner — Roulette Russe
Kjaer People Ultimate Spectacle — Roulette Russe
Møller,Storch – Mirrored — Roulette Russe
Alicia Kwade — Roulette Russe
Hesselholdt Radically Better — Roulette Russe
Palmyra — Glyptotek
Road to Palmyra — Glyptotek
Mads Greve: Homesick — Book Lab #
Krass Clement: ‘Metrovia — Gyldendal
Henrik Vibskov Box 1 — Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov Box 2 — Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov Box 3 — Vibskov
Ida Nissen: Scrim — Lodret Vandret
Hjort: Leben — Kulor
Storch: Porcelain Souls — Konnotation
Salto: One Hand and the Other — self published 5 Months in Copenhagen — Officin
Dublett: Jorgensen — Hordaland
Botanizing on Asphalt — Officin
Mediatrix Morblod — Luilui
Solkaer: Passage — Circle
Solkaer: Black Sun — Circle