05 — Stephan Keppel, Soft Copy Hard Copy

05 — Stephan Keppel, Soft Copy Hard Copy

11 January — 11 April 2021

In 2018 Stephan Keppel started collecting works and stories of Amsterdam; the city where he lives, and works. The city is constantly changing, and so are the visible, invisible, social and historic structures. In ‘Soft Copy Hard Copy’ Stephan Keppel explores and organizes these structures, creating an organic index of the city. This book is part of Keppel’s ongoing research on the public space, urban structures and reproduction, and is combining his own photographs with re-photographed archival material, texts and other (online and offline) found footage.

For Enter Enter Stephan will expand his book into the project-space, creating installations based on the pages of the book, investigating the relation between the book and the space as a form of representation, and re-creation.

For his exhibition at Enter Enter Stephan Keppel made a limited edition of ‘Soft Copy Hard Copy’. Each edition includes a unique print which Stephan creates by overprinting a page of the original book with another page from the book. These 120 unique prints will be distributed over 120 books for this edition. Editions are wrapped, stamped, signed and numbered and randomly distributed. The edition is only available during the exhibition. The book is designed with Hans Gremmen and published by Fw:Books.

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Soft Copy Hard Copy — 22 x 30 cm/ 240 pages + poster / isbn 978-94-90119-91-1, 2021
Flat Finish — 21 x 29,7 cm/ 400 pages / isbn 978-94-90119-55-3, 2018
Entre Entree — 21 x 29 cm / 208 pages / isbn 978-94-90119-25-6, 2014
Reprinting the City — 21 x 29 cm / 212 pages / isbn 978-94-90119, 2012
Foundations of Modern Art, Amédée Ozenfant, Dover Publications, New York (New American Edition, augmented 1952, translated by John Rodker).
Een avond in Amsterdam, K. Schippers, Amsterdam: Querido, 1978